Finance Manager

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Job Description

Plan, direct, or coordinate accounting, investing, banking, insurance, securities, and other financial activities of a branch, office, or department of an establishment.

Other Job Titles

Banking Center Manager (BCM), Branch Manager, Credit Administration Manager, Financial Center Manager, Regional Manager, Service Center Manager

Job Tasks

  • Establish and maintain relationships with individual or business customers or provide assistance with problems these customers may encounter.
  • Plan, direct, or coordinate the activities of workers in branches, offices, or departments of establishments, such as branch banks, brokerage firms, risk and insurance departments, or credit departments.
  • Recruit staff members.
  • Prepare operational or risk reports for management analysis.
  • Evaluate data pertaining to costs to plan budgets.

Annual Salary

  • Workers on average earn $64.51/hr. – $134,180 annual.
  • Projected Growth (2019-2029) Much faster than average (8% or higher)
  • Projected job openings (2019-2029) 59,600

Required Education

High school diploma/GED, Bachelor’s Degree


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